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Friday, August 15, 2014

dead highlanders

I've been a fan of Giles Allison's work for some time. As can be seen at his blog, Tarleton's Quarter, he's an accomplished painter of wargaming miniatures, primarily from the American Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars (with a few other periods on the side).

His latest post shows some Revolutionary War Highlander casualty figures, a follow-on from recent postings of figures he painted for the 76th Regiment of Foot (Macdonald's Highlanders) and command and music figures for several different Highland regiments.These are all from a new(ish) range of 28mm RevWar Highland figures produced by King's Mountain Miniatures (their line also includes "over the mountain men", the principal American protagonists at the battle whose name the company bears).

GIles has done his "usual" exceptional paintjob on these chaps. They're very peaceful casualties (rather like casualties at a reenactment); in fact, I can imagine a small vignette with one of these chaps, a model musket leaning agaisnt a tree, and a very frowy officer...

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