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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baueda painting project

So, after over two weeks, I finally got my Baueda package away from the Post Office. Here it is, along with another notice they left today, after I had collected it, warning that they would send it back to origin if I didn't come collect it.

I opened it up

And here were the contents:

The new Baueda Norse-Irish DBA army, along with a Lombard "Kingdom of Italy" army, a Carolingian army, and a pack of Charlemagne figures (mounted, dismounted, and mounted and dismounted guards). Claudio and the nice people at Baueda even threw in a packet of extras, spares, and some nice bits for a camp (boxes and baskets &c.)

So I'm going to try and chronicle the assembly of these three armies (clean up, painting, basing, camps, and their first battles). A wee project for my blog.

Many thanks, again, to Baueda. These figures look great, and I'm looking forward to getting them ready for combat.

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