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Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Opening Salvo

I've shared a wargaming blog with my friend Frank for a good many years, but our gaming connection has attenuated as we have played less and less together and our hobby interests have gone in different directions. So I've turned over the helm of our old blog to him (you can find it here), and I am starting up a new ledger of my gaming activities.

I have a backlog of events to post about, but I'll start off with that staple of wargamers' fantasy life, the project list.

Recently Completed (Almost)

my Sassanid Persian DBA army: I built this a few years ago for the first running of the Two Davids "Falls a Titan" Campaign. I had never quite gotten around to finishing the basing (all the figures were *on* bases, but the bases weren't landscaped). With the theme being offered again at Historicon this summer, I thought I should finish the lads up, so I did; they are now fully based, as is the little frontier fortress tower that serves as their camp. Problem is, there are three optional Cavalry elements for the army that I need to finish painting...and then base...

On the Front Burner

Having reminded myself how much of a doddle basing is, I have several other DBA armies that are "finished" but still require proper landscaping: my Sea Peoples, Dog People, Trapezuntine Byzantines, and Early Bedouin. The Sea Peoples also need their chariot completed.

My friends Phil and Eric and I have also been talking about reviving our 1870 project, so I have many small Frenchmen who shall be getting new coats &c. painted on them soon(ish).

And I have a slew of new figures from the Perry brothers that are itching to get ready for battle. Having grown up in the Virginia Tidewater, I had to acquire some of their handsome new Ethiopian Regiment figures and will be trying to knock together a scenario to play out the early Revolutionary War battle of Great Bridge, one of only two engagements that the regiment fought in (or, rather, might have fought in--details are unclear) before it was disbanded and its men dispersed to other units.

I also owe Mr Eric a World War One Battle of the Baltic between his Imperial German and my Imperial Russian squadrons, which will require some final touches.

And I haven't forgotten my fine Doughboys, waiting patiently on the painting table for me to get back to the land actions of the Great War (which are generally covered in my blog The Hissing Fuse).

On the Back Burner

Many projects are languishing here, including 15mm and 28mm Napoleonics, 15mm Rev War, 15mm Great War (Austrian, Russian, Turkish, and ANZAC forces), enough DBA armies to sink a small rowing boat, 15mm World War Two (my Nomonhan experiment has been sadly slighted lately; my Late War NWE collection is gathering dust instead of paint; and there a re still some KNIL v. IJA battles to chronicle), 15mm Irish War of Independence, 15mm Indian Rebellion of 185728mm War of the Roses, 1/2400 Age of Sail, 28mm Irish rebellion of 1798, 28mm Scottish border reivers, 15mm War of 1812, 15mm Seven Years War... the list is almost endless.


  1. Oh the intentions we all have to attempt to reduce the mountain of shiny objects! Good luck with that! The more I paint, the more I add so the cycle of life continues. Good luck with the new blog. I, of course, will be a "follower".

    Franko (yeah, the name you gave me "stuck". :-)

  2. Great blog, Jan. Its good to see someone else with a plethora of projects on the go at once. After all, finishing is over rated! It's the journey that counts.